Hemp2Lab Laboratory

We are obsessed with quality and efficiency.

So we designed and built a custom laboratory to make superior hemp oil in its cleanest and purest form.

We Have High Standards For CBD

Our team spent a long time studying and evaluating hemp refining technologies and techniques. We learned from some people’s successes, and others failures. We harnessed this knowledge to build a world-class facility, from scratch.  In fact, we built a lab within a lab! Our micro-lab is dedicated to research and development, quality control, operational testing and analysis. It gives us many advantages, including:

  • Better data to make smarter operational decisions in the larger lab.
  • Ability to run quick and thorough tests on virtually every aspect of the operation, including testing and analyzing the biomass material that we process.
  • Ability to isolate problems or inefficiencies in order to make immediate calibrations to improve performance and output.
  • Formulating innovative products with a hands-on approach. What we learn in the Quality Control Lab and R & D lab is quickly implemented in the larger lab.

Why our lab is superior:

    • New state-of-the-art food grade quality extraction laboratory
    • Designed by engineering experts and a PhD chemist

  • Cryo-ethanol closed-loop extraction system with high grade ethanol
  • Proprietary filtering and purifying process
  • Three separate explosion-proof storage vaults for our ethanol
  • Robust security and surveillance system with proximity badges and 12 cameras.
  • Full transparency about our products from seed to finished state through  QR code technology
  • cGMP procedures:  “Current Good Manufacturing Practices”
  • Strict testing standards done both in-house and through third-party certified labs to ensure the highest levels of quality control and consistency
  • Quality control standards
  • C1D2 safety rated extraction facility
  • Floor and wall surfaces are easily cleanable.
  • Real-time data capture of material processing
  • 10,000 sq ft facility, which houses a 3,000 sq ft extraction laboratory

Optimal Extraction Yields

We consistently achieve extraction yields of 70% or more of CBD full spectrum oil through a single pass.