Liposomal Delivery Agent

element6 dramatically increases the absorption of hemp actives into the blood with maximum bioavailability



Faster Absorption & Potency Retention

Better Performance!

element6 is a nutrient delivery system that has been clinically proven through safety, absorption, and blood glucose studies to enhance the absorption of CBD into the body.

Natural CBD Oil’s Delivery Problem

The stomach will naturally dilute more CBD than it absorbs during digestion — that’s where element6 comes in.

element6: The Infinite Solution

Liposome technology solves this problem by delivering maximum CBD oil absorption throughout the body for full potency and benefits.

Production Process

Ingredients are tested for purity, identity, and strength.

Supplements are weighed and mixed precisely.

Purified water is used in all processes.

Active ingredients are compounded with lipids in our proprietary process to form organic liposomes.

Liposome are flavored.

Product is packaged and tested again for purity, identity & strength.

We inspect each product at each stage of the process.